• Track Your SEO Campaign

    Track Cost Per Visitor

    Find out your campaign ROI

    Whether you are doing it in house or paying a professional, it costs money to do SEO well. Your resources are scarce - how many incremental visitors has your SEO efforts yielded? Could you have done any better? Now, you'll know.

  • Integrate with Get Clicky

    Integrate With Clicky

    Use your current free account

    Tap into one of the best analytics providers out there today with ease - Clicky. SEOTrac's data combined with Clicky's best-in-class analytics gives you the power to take control of your SEO spending.

  • Get Real Time Statistics

    Optimize your Analytics

    With real time analytics

    With SEOTrac you can use your analytics to react to the results of your SEO campaigns faster and more reliably than ever before.

  • Easy to read SEO Tracking

    Easy to Read & Analyze

    So you'll never get stuck

    Beautiful charting tells the story of your SEO campaign - you can communicate in pictures, and not rows of data.

Do you know how much your SEO costs?

Do you know your average cost per visitor?

Cost per customer acquisition is a leading measure of your website's success, and SEO can lower that cost. With SEOTrac, you'll establish a baseline and ensure your SEO is lowering this cost for you.